Expanded Artistic and Conceptual Research Platform

An experimental art-based knowledge production program at the crossroads of Art, Economics, Urban Planning and Politics...

EPISODE #1 : Polygon Launch at Apex Art, New York, Jan 2010

As part of "The Incidental Person (after John Latham)" group-show, curated by Antony Hudek at Apex Art in New York (www.apexart.org), the Polygon work station was installed and used to launch the LIID (www.liid.fr) newly expanded research program.

It is the starting point of an ambitious research work-in-progress, in which LIID will invite a handful of "original minds" (artists, scientists, architects, thinkers, entrepreneurs, writers, etc.) from various countries and disciplines to bring their point of view.

Experimenting with a multi-faceted "polygonal" research process, in which visions come from different angles and in the shape of a democratic tribune, the Polygon Program aims to find non-conventional solutions to contemporary complex issues.

Polygon is a nomadic knowledge production platform operating online (full website undeveloped yet) and during live research sessions with the Polygon station such as at Apex.

Download Polygon Program Presentation (French or English)


MODULARY INSTALLATION : Strategic Base / Work Space / Information Organisation Tool


January 9th : Press Conference at Apex Gallery with Raphaële Bidault-Waddington in the Polygon station, to present the Polygon's five key research missions:
- Investigate what could be an Aesthetic Intelligence,
- Design a
Democratic Corporation (in relation or tension with the idea of an Art Corporation),
- Explore Urban Conceptual Models in the shape of diagrams
- Design the Republic of Images (in collaboration with PIIMS lab - www.piims.fr) as a a green governance model
- Expand creatively around the Polygon figure.

January 8th, 2010: Open-call to participate in the collaborative research program on e-artnow.
Approximately 20 persons across the world answered.


Gallery talk at Apex Art, January 2010.

Public talk about Art, Organisations, and APG experience

Public talk about Art, Organisations, and APG experience
Barbara Steveni and Steven Wright in discussion with Antony Hudek

Polygon Free-Style

January 15th 2010 : Triangular experiment in the Polygon station by Nicolas Galeazzi, connected through Skype to two other members of his Flutgraben Collective (Berlin), located in Berlin and in Bern. Ghost theater !?


As a parallel episode of the Polygon, Raphaële Bidault-Waddington who curates the Vision section (dedicated to art, architecture, thoerethical and poetic ideas) of www.tales-magazine.fr, invited a few people to reflect on the Polygon research theme in issue #5 :

- American philosopher Richard Shusterman was interviewed by Juliette Soulez about his concept of Soma-aesthetics, contributing his point of view about Aesthetic Intelligence,

- On the same topic, researcher Philippe Durance returns to Descartes' philosophy, illuminating how imagination is, in fact, a deep part of his vision of the human intelligence and reasoning ability.

- Annabelle Hagmann reported on the last Venice Architecture Biennale showing how the immaterial aspect of cities is becoming of higher concern in the architecture community, and thus confirming the relevancy of the Urban Conceptual Model Contest.

- With a series of photographic collages, the Republic of Images of PIIMS started with a short narrative that will be expanded upon...

- French art critics Jean-Marc Avrilla shares a discussion with Raphaële Bidault-Waddington about the issue of Art-Based Research in the context of deep academic organization in Europe due to the Bologna agreement.


Since the exhibition at Apex, LIID is still under the process of shaping the whole organization of the POLYGON, raising funds, inviting participants, and implementing partnerships with relevant structures in different countries so that the project expands on a global scale.


EPISODE #3: Polygon Station in "Mental Matter" exhibition

EPISODE #3: Polygon Station in "Mental Matter" exhibition
Polygon station (light version)


In her solo show "Mental Matter" at Espace d'En Bas in Paris, RBW activates a new episode of the Polygon focusing on the Aesthetic Intelligence inquiry that she started among a
narrow community of persons :
- Gilles Collard, Belgian writer, ex-philosopher, founder of Pylone review.
- Pier-Stefano Corasaniti, Italian astrophysician, LUTH (Laboratoire de l'Univers et Théorie), CNRS.
- Sylvie Dallet, French historian of creation and of the “art-science" relation, Versailles University.
- Philippe Durance, French prospective researcher, LIPSOR (Laboratoire d'Innovation et Prospective des Organisations), CNAM.
- Sébastien Grosset, Swiss playwrite under philosophical and musicological influence.
- Antony Hudek, Swiss-American curator and art historian, University College London.
- Sara Kamalvand, Iranian and Toronto-based architect, founder of Mesopolis Lab.
- Hank Kuhne, Dutch expert of Future Centers, founder of EduCore.
- Antonio Marazzi, anthropologist, Padova University, Italy.
- Alessio Moretti, italian logician and philosopher, Neufchatel University, Switzerland.
- Michel Riguidel, French professor in computer science, network and cryptology, Telecom Paris Tech.
- Luc Saucier, French creative lawyer in author right and the aesthetic of business.
- Eileen Sommerman, Canadian curator in artistic and none artistic contexts.
- Richard Shusterman, philosopher in aesthetics, Florida Atlantic University, USA.
- Lars Terenius, professor in neurobiology, founder of the Center for Molecular Medicine, Stockholm.
- Pacôme Thiellement, French-Egyptian writer, essayist and music critics.

The first answers to the questionnaire she submitted to the participants are exhibited in the temporary Polygon work station
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